Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What can I say about yesterday...

...that won't be heartbreakingly sad or nostalgic (as thoughts of remembered yesterdays tend to be), and will be in no relation whatsoever to the Beatles song?

Yesterday, we shot a film.

Well, we shot something; a bunch of takes in colour and with some beauty to them that will one day – with a lot of work and some smiles in the breaks well deserved – come to resemble a form of a short amateur-ish film. It will never be an excellent film – it will be no more than a beginners’ attempt to capture some everyday reality of characters who exist only in our fantasies, comprised out of our imaginary worlds and inner lives, and give it a structure, a narrative line and some sound. But an exercise in beauty can be an inspiring thing in itself sometimes, and mine was an experience most beautiful, since it taught me that I love strange angles and long takes, am completely unorganized and chaotic, have no ability to give orders to people even when my ‘duty’ obliges me to do so, hold in myself neither patience for nervous cats nor love for old-fashioned deer decorations – but also that teamwork is tremendously fun, and that people are sometimes much more than you expect them to be. Plus, I am convinced that our little film is the first film shot in full by a soon-to-be rising star of Croatian cinematography, so it might one day be viewed as somewhat of an odd rarity. Have no pictures from the shooting yet, but hope to have some in the near future – and would love to share some of them...

Reading Susan Sontag’s ‘On Photography’, occasionally enjoying myself re-reading of ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’ by Tom Stoppard (both courtesy of amazing friends). Thinking about how it is high time to finally see ‘Crnci’, and about how lazy I am to write, and should write more often, or this blog will turn into a stream of short thoughts – everything I never ever wanted it to be.

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