Wednesday, 28 April 2010

On love unconditional...

You know what I *did* to get back to you? You know what I did? 
Sam Cahill (Brothers, Jim Sheridan, 2009.)

*Have been awfully sloppy in writing on these pages in a while, and in a way, a part of me really regrets it. It is not that I haven't been thinking about cinema...In the past weeks, I have had some beautiful cinematic experiences, tho not as many as I would have liked to; I have had the chance to listen to people who really know and feel how one should write about cinema, and to admire the beauty of their words and ideas; I have started to write for a lovely little portal too, and have learned in the process how much easier it is for me to write about film in English - perhaps it is because my thoughts seem less 'mine' when I do somehow, and each word doesn't resonate as strongly with me as Croatian does, so it all seems - superficially, somehow - to make a little bit more sense in the end...and in a strange way, it all lead me to a place completely new...I have learned that at the moment, I am more interested in morality than ever before, and particularly in morality in love, in the way we see, treat and take care of those who we are so quick and free in calling our companions. And cinema, cinema is so full of these stories and narratives. But as obsessions are never good, sometimes it feels that mine isn't either - and that, on a strange level, I am ignoring everything else I can find in cinema to explore these things, which could, to a reader more confident in his ideas and less interested in these notions, just seem plain and boring, uninteresting or even repetitive and overly dramatic in my own stories and narratives. This has been, partially, the reason why I have abstained from this blog for a while - and if there are still those who drop by here sometimes, I apologize to you all in advance if I overdo the same explorations here in the future. But maybe somewhere, sometime, someday I will find the answers I am looking for, and I do hope that a bit more exploration - together- can't do any harm...* 

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