Sunday, 14 November 2010

On how towards people, we have double standards sometimes - and love's no exception

Christy: Why does your status say 'single' on your Facebook page?
Eduardo: What?
Christy: Why does your relationship status say 'single' on your Facebook page?
Eduardo: I was single when I set up the page.
Christy: And you just never bothered to change it?
Eduardo: I...
Christy: What?
Eduardo: I don’t know how.
Christy: Do I look stupid to you?
Eduardo: No...calm down...
Christy: You’re asking me to believe that the CFO of Facebook doesn’t know how to change his relationship status on Facebook?
Eduardo: It’s a little embarrassing, so you should take it as a sign of trust that I would tell you that.
Christy: Go to hell!
Eduardo: Take it easy!
Christy: No, you didn’t change it so you could screw those Silicon Valley sluts every time you go to Mark!
Eduardo: Not even remotely true, and I can promise you that the Silicon Valley sluts don’t care what anyone’s relationship status is on Facebook. Please, open your present...
Open your present. It’s a silk scarf.
Christy: Have you ever seen me wear a scarf?
Eduardo: This will be your first.

(Eduardo Saverin and Christy, The Social Network, David Fincher 2010)

Was away for a long time. Maybe I will still be away, dunno...sometimes my ideas just don't want to find their way into becoming letters.

But unexpectedly beautiful thing appears, just asking to be shared.
Like this one...
Saw 'The Social Network' the other day - and was, as always, mesmerized by Fincher. But that feeling of adoration deserves at least a post of its own.
This tiny little sequence, however, had to be shared now - as it made me re-think our expectations of our partners, and the dlusion we so often grow up with, that the person we share our life with should be of the kind that satisfies a form, a shape, a pre-designed model we desire of them.
Eduardo Saverin is certainly the most loveable character of the movie; there is a certain traditionality to him, a very moderate sense of politeness, and a sense of 'human'-ness and gentleness that the other characters lack. He is instinctively almost impossible not to like.
Yet, this is what the viewers - us - see from the outside. Christy sees something else: a confused character, unwilling to share much, and probably unfaithful too; 'cause, what else would he be doing not answering her calls, than spending time with another woman at the time? And the silk scarf? In the viewers' perspective: a clumsy, but thus even more endearing attempt of showing affection which perfectly matches his confusion. In her perspective: an act of a careless man, who probably wasn't even thinking of her when buying it; a generic present from an unfaithful man.

The point?
People come as they are. And they can be the kindest, nicest, most endearing personalities - but they are rarely as we imagine them to be. But our inability to see that, to be open to exploring how they really are, instead of expecting them to be 'just as they should', can sometimes mean missing a tremendous much. Or maybe not. But without trying, we'll never know.

Or maybe I am just sentimental, and not so much hating the idea of silk scarves.
Or maybe, just maybe, it's just Sunday...


  1. hahahaha,odlična konverzacija :)

  2. I laughed when he said "You? Study? You dont need to study - you go to BU!"

  3. Yeah, it's full of great quotes :)