Saturday, 8 May 2010

On how people are unexpectedly beautiful on so many levels sometimes - if we look at them closely, and with the desire to see and understand...

"You know, you're taller than you look."
"I hunch."
(Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Spider-Man, Sam Raimi, 2002)

I was never much of a Spider-Man fan, I admit. And when I first saw this scene, it seemed just as cheesy and dishonest to me as most of the movie's somewhat schematic love story. Yet, in time (and after meeting some people, who have passed through my life in one way or another, or have even decided to stick around) I realized how beautiful it actually is: the idea of seeing in someone all the things he (or she) is, but that he himself is unable to see, and is thus completely unaware of his own beauty (here nicely summarized in height) and worth - and is even shy about them - is just fantastic to me. And the process of watching people 'grow' to become aware of and accept their complete gorgeousness is simply amazing on so many levels - as cheesy as it might sound...

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