Wednesday, 12 May 2010

On things too mesmerizing not to be shared

"Do you have a lot of friends?"
"Not really..."
"Do you ever wish you did?"
"Well... like... now, for instance."
"Well... I just met you. And I feel like telling somebody about it."

(Christina and Eric, Exotica, Atom Egoyan, 1994)

I should make a promise to myself, and everyone who might read this, that my next quote will have nothing to do with love, or human relations in should be a happy thought, but one of a completely different kind...


  1. hvala ti na lijepim rijecima :) bas si me ugodno iznenadila...
    btw tvoj blog sam progutala u jednom dahu, predivne tekstove pises i divno se izrazavas na engleskom. podsjetila si me na to da imam mnogo mnogo egoyana za nadoknadjivati...
    citamo se! :)