Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A short one from the road...

"Massimo je vrhunski glazbenik koji svoje emocije prenosi publici, a u njegovom izražaju nema nimalo agresije, samo ljubavi prema glazbi./Massimo is a top class musician who transfers his emotions to the audience, and in his expression, there is not a bit of aggression, only love towards music."

Gabi Novak, a singer, on her colleague Massimo Savić, in Jutarnji List, 26.05.2010

I was reading the newspaper on the train today, and I ran into this quote...quite honestly, at first I thought it doesn't belong here, as it is not at all about cinema, and it is most certainly not a movie quote either; However, it somehow stuck with me, and I decided to bring it to this page of the universe because, for me, she so perfectly summarized (speaking about music) the things that I have been missing in cinema recently - the love of the art of film, instead of the need to conform to the financial restraints or, in the case of what we label as 'festival' or 'art' cinema (both misleading and wrong tho, but that's besides the point), to the taste of the festival juries and the trends in movieshooting at the moment. I am not a fan of either of the protagonists, but she gave him the most beautiful compliment she could have given - no aggression, just love. Absolutely mesmerizing.

Have been missing a lot of great cinema recently, much more than I have actually seen...but on my way to here, and we'll see where that will get me in terms of visual pleasures...but with Radu Muntean's latest film on board, the Cannes-complimented 'Tuesday, After Christmas', the expectations are high...

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